About Us

About Us

Solutions for today’s companies

Arca Digital S.A.S, a company that brings together a team of designers with more than 12 years of experience in interactive applications, architectural visualizations, Web, 3D / 2D animation, Corporate Image design; among other interactive, functional and attractive services for your company or project.

Our mission is to serve our clients with the best quality and commitment, offering guarantee of support in the areas of graphic, audiovisual and digital communication.

We develop graphic, audiovisual, digital, interactive communication tools and more elements aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients, both in terms of corporate image and in dissemination solutions for their products or services.

Experience offered to our customers

We are direct suppliers for: Sanitas International Organization, Colsanitas / Aspaen / Constructora Cumbria / Colombia Bible Society / Urban Equipment Eucol / IPLER / National Police, Anti-narcotics Division / Terpel.


We have also been working together with agencies / producers to: Direct TV / RCN television Teleset / Pacific Rubiales / TV Azteca / National Army / CIOH of the National Navy; and in alliance with Vertize Digital, Jairo Valdez: Caracol / Hasbro Channel (Lathink Colombia) / Chocolisto Cereal (Grupo Nutresa) / Rich Edibles (National Media Consortium) / Doria Pastas (Sancho BBDO) / Bogotá City Hall / Ospinas Constructors / Cementos Argos


Which has worked on projects since almost our beginning.

Kike Sarmiento

Architect, Santo Tomás de Aquino University.
Specialization in 3D Character Creation for film and television shorts, International AUTODESK Certification by Naska Digital Training Center. Bogotá, 2010.

Kike Sarmiento
General Director of projects, graphic and creative design, 3D Animation, Digital composition, programming
Jairo Valdez

Industrial Designer, National University of Colombia.
Certified Autodesk Instructor, 3d animation and digital composition.
Digital artist, visual effects, lighting, modeling, rigging and character animation, and digital composition, architectural and design visualizations.

Jairo Valdez Caicedo
Render, Postproduction
Mauricio Bejarano

Specialization in Videogame Creation, International AUTODESK Certification by Naska Digital Training Center. Bogotá, 2010

Mauricio Bejarano Moreno
Postproduction, 3D modeler, Render

Graphic Designer, Las Mercedes University Foundation, 1999.
Plastic Arts Course, Academy of Fine Arts of Bogotá, 2000.
3D Modeler, Animator, Illustrator, cartoonist.

David Muñoz Cuellar
Composition Motion Graphics, Illustration and 3D Animation

Social communicator, Pontifical University, 2002.
Specialist in Social Issues.

Mónica Juliana Hernández Hincapié
Social communication y Copys

Graphic design advertising technician, INCAP, 2008.
Database management PHP, Makenta, 2009.
Handling of forms for large format, plate and prepress.

Javier Alejandro Robles Vivas
Graphic and Web Design

We create pixels and code with the best of ideas and capabilities.

We are a small company but at your disposal.